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How to use?

  1. Download the zip file and save it in your computer.
  2. Open the zip file and extract it at appropriate path.
  3. Double click on ChitChat.exe file. It will open up ChitChat application as shown in the figure.

    chitchat Screenshot 1

    Figure 1: ChitChat Screenshot 1

    chitchat Screenshot 2

    Figure 2: ChitChat Screenshot 2

  4. Main portions of the application are as shown in the figure.
    • Language Dropdown list: Select the language in which you want to type your message.
    • User Dropdown list: Select the user whom you want to send the message.
    • Conversation Log: It shows all the messages sent by you.
    • Typing box: This is the text box where you will type message in the selected language. (Please visit the page Typing Tips to quickly learn how to type indian language.)
    • Delete button: This button is indicated as clear button. When pressed, it clears your conversation log. (This application do not change your yahoo messenger / google talk settings at all. so if you have archive mode on in your yahoo messenger, all your conversation will be archived.)
    • Help button: This button is indicated as help button. When pressed, it takes you to our website on Character Map page for quickly referring character code for all Indian language. (We are sure that you never need to press this button. It is so easy.)
    • Send button: When you press this button, the message will be sent to the selected user.
  5. Now when you start this application, it grabs the name of all users of yahoo messenger and google talk whom you are chatting with. The user dropdown list will be filled with it. Yahoo messenger user is indicated by yellow smiley smiley and google talk user is indicated by a green round icon green button. Select the user whom you want to send message.
  6. Choose your favourite language from language dropdown list.
  7. Click in Typing box and start typing in your language.
  8. Press "Send" button to send message to the selected user.
  9. If you open another chat window, the application refreshes the user list every 15 seconds, so the new user will be automatically added to the list.