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Now chat in Indian languages...

Are you using Yahoo Messenger / Google Talk to chat with your parents, relatives and buddies? Do you want to chat in Indian languages without learning typing of Indian languages? Here is the FREE solution...

ChitChat - An Indian Language Chatting Tool

ChitChat Screenshot

So what are you waiting for? Download this tool from our Download page, unzip the file and start enjoy chatting in Indian language.

ChitChat @
If you have Yahoo Messenger 8.0, it supports plug-in. Monusoft has developed plug-in for you to directly integrate it with messenger. You can visit to download it from

System Requirements:
Windows ME/NT/2000/XP
Internet Explorer 4.0 or above
Yahoo Messenger 7.0/8.0 (This tool will not work for older version of messenger)
Google Talk

First Time User?
Dont know how to use ChitChat? Visit the page How to use?
Get some Typing Tips and become the master of typing in Indian language within few minutes.