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Typing Tips

Typing in ChitChat/WordPress plug-in is extremely easy. Even a kid can learn typing in a minutes. "The way you speak, the way you type" is the basic concept behind the typing in ChitChat. Most of the users like to chat in their own language, so they are typing in english but writing in their own language. For ex. a person types "aap kaise ho" in Hindi (or in english???) to say "How are you". Now if you type "aap kaise ho" in ChitChat, it shows "आप कैसे हो" in typing box. The basic idea behind this magic is to convert your english keyboard key strokes into the character of the language which is selected in language dropdown list.

Tips for Beginners

All alphabets of Indian languages are shown in the Character Map page. It shows which character can be written by typing which english letter. For the sake of user convenience, one alphabet can be written by two different english letters. (for example pha/fa will print ফ/ફ/फ/ಫ/ഫ/ਫ/ఫ.). All Indian languages have combined letters. To type combined letters, type consonant without followed by a vowel, so it will half letter. Now type the second letter and it will complete your  combined word. We assume that most of the people knows Hindi, so we are showing Hindi example. First of all, select "Hindi" language from language dropdown list. Suppose you want to type "प्याला", first you type "p". It will print "प्" which is a half letter. Now if you type "y", it will show "प्य्". "प्" is half letter but combined with half letter "य्", makes it "प्य्". which is combined half letter. To make it full, you need any vowel. Now type "a" and the word becombes "प्य" which is a complete combined word. If you again type "a", it will make the word "प्या". Now type "l", so the word becomes "प्याल्". Now type "aa" and it will complete the word "प्याला". So basically you typed "pyaalaa" in english letters and you got "प्याला" in Hindi.

Tips for Intermediate

Indian languages are known for its complexity in different letters. You might have to use lots of words which are not common. Suppose you want to write "विद्या", so how are you going to write this letter? First of all, think, how would you write it down in english? Probably you will write down like "vidyaa" or "vidhyaa". Try both letters and see the answer. Suppose you want to type "कर्म", then definitely you will write "karma" in english. Dont you think it is way easy than you are thinking? We made it so simple that even a kid can become a master in typing Indian languages within a few minutes. If you are confused about which combination of english letters should be used to get a particular indian language letter, then try few combinations of letters on your own, there is very likely that you will get it correct. Still if you are not able to find out the combination of letters, just press help button. It will lead you to our website page which has Indian language letters and its corresponding english key strokes.

Tips for Experts

This application requires a vowel at the end of each word, otherwise the last letter of the word will be a half letter. When you become expert in typing, it is very very distressing that you have to type "a" to complete the last letter. For example, if you want to type "भारत", you have to type "bhaarata". (Note the last "a".) We made your life much easier than you think. If you press space bar at the end of the word, that word will automatically become complete, so you have to just type "bharat" and then press space bar and it will complete the last letter. so you will be able to type with your fullest speed.

Initially for a day or two, you might be making few mistakes and it might lower your speed of chating but the happiness you will get on your cheeks by chating in your own language is much more than wastage of little bit of your time.

PS: This is not a translator
. If you type "How are you", it will not translate this sentence into hindi nor it will show its hindi meaning.