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WordPress Plug-in for Writing in 8 Indian languages

What is WordPress?
WordPress is blogging tool written in PHP. It uses MySQL database as backend. It is extremely famous blogging tool. You can visit for more details.

What does these plug-in do?
These plug-in convert the simple comment box into a magic box where a person can directly type in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu. These plug-ins are helping user writing comments and helping owner write/edit a post/page in 8 Indian languages on WordPress. Typing is extremely simple as it is following transliteration keyboard layout. If you are familiar with our famous program ChitChat, you must be familiar with how to type. If not, please visit Typing Tips page for detailed instructions.

Where can I download it?
At the bottom of this page, you can see list of plug-in zip files. Choose the correct plug-in for your use. Click on "Download" button or click on file name to download the plug-in on your computer.

How do I install the plug-in?
Like most WordPress plug-in, installation is easy:

  • Download plug-in and extract it on your computer. Now upload this plug-in in your WordPress blog  plug-in directory. (i.e. your_blog_root\wp-content\plugins) so plug-in filepath will become "wp-content/plugins/LANGUAGEWriter/LANGUAGEWriter.php" where LANGUAGE is the plug-in language.
  • Activate the plug-in in your WordPress admin panel.

How can I give my visitor facility to write in Indian language for a blog on or
It is true that does not support any plugin while does not allow you to upload your own plugin. So we have come up with a solution. You can give following links on your blog or open it up in a popup window using javascript. Visitors can use these type pads and write in Indian language, then copy/paste the written text to the comment box. This is the only way we can get around with. Its better to have something than nothing.

Download Indian Language Writer Plug-in

 TitleModified DateSize 
BengaliWriter1.111/6/200631.39 KBDownload
GujaratiWriter1.111/6/200630.69 KBDownload
HindiWriter1.111/6/200633.38 KBDownload
KannadaWriter1.111/6/200630.40 KBDownload
MalayalamWriter1.111/6/200629.51 KBDownload
PunjabiWriter1.111/6/200627.34 KBDownload
TamilWriter1.111/6/200625.95 KBDownload
TeluguWriter1.111/6/200629.23 KBDownload