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Bandwidth: It is a measure of information sent over the network. Some hosting provider allocates only centain amount of bandwidth per month to your website. We are giving you unlimited bandwidth.

Blog: In today's world, blog is a necessary tool for a personal/business website. You can think of blog as your online personal diary. Blog can be setup for any topic you are interested in and want to share your knowledge with the rest of the world.

E-Commerce: E-Commerce is basically selling your products online. E-Commerce includes showing your product catalog, selling your product, online payment processing and online order management. Event if you dont want to sell your products online, you should have E-Commerce module to have better management of your product catalog.

Forum: Forum is the best tool for discussion where a person starts a new topic and people are replying for the same topic. Topics and answers are combined so that a person can view all topics and followed discussion at a single place.

HTML: HTML is a programming language in which all websites are made. If you want to build a website, you must know HTML. We understand that most of the people dont know HTML so we are providing you facility so that you need not worry about HTML. You can edit your document just like you are editing your Microsoft Word documents. It is that easy. If you know HTML it is plus point, but it is not required to have a knowledge of HTML to create a website at Monusoft.

Indian Language Support: This Website supports Unicode, so you can build your Website in Indian Language as well.

Web Design Template: Web design template helps you change the look and feel of your website with a single click on mouse. We are providing free templates so that you can change the look of website according to your mood.

WYSIWYG: Full form of this word is What You See Is What You Gain. This word is used for typing pads where you type, press few formatting buttons and when you save it, it will look exactly what you wanted.